Rantings of the Ginger Squirrel: Don't wear Tartan.


If you are not Scottish, you are appropriating Scottish culture.

You do not understand the cultural and historical significance of wearing Tartan and by wearing it you are insulting our culture. The Scottish has been oppressed by the English since forever and so earn their medal in the Oppression…

this is brilliant


Sylvester McCoy in 1800s costume. So freakin’ adorable. I know he’s probably just taking a pic of something off in the distance, but I like to think he’s taking a selfie while going, “Damn I’m cute, just look at me.”


Seventh Doctor / Sylvester McCoy appreciation post!

I really do enjoy The Seventh. His look, his mannerisms, and just how incredibly Sylvester McCoy portrays the Doctor. Truly one of the greats.

Hi everyone!

Nice to be here. It’s my first NORMAL tumblr page (oh i hope it will be) about music (60-70s), fashion, lovely people and other interesting things. Great if u’ll like it!

P.S. So sorry for my terrible English, really :D